Mark 1. The roadbook holder that will change the way you navigate !!
Mk1 is a RB holder like no other. It was designed from scratch taking into account that reliability is of utmost importance for a rally rider...
Mk1's main advantages - See the differences!
•Removable, cartridge like, interior (patent pending).
•Completely watertight.
•Rare earth magnetic transmission (patent pending).
•Capacity: up to ø50mm scroll (19m or 92 pages of A5.
•Special o-rings guaranteed for life!
•High Impact strength shell.
•Stainless steel with Zirconia balls hybrid ball bearings.
•PCB free.
•High performance reliable motor.
•Choice of LED colors.
•Easy access to mechanical parts for easy maintenance.
•IP67 cables.
Lab tests
Every single part is tested in our lab before even we release it to our test riders for further reviews in the real field. Transmission tests, impact tests, ingress protection tests, environmental tests, the lot !

Serres Rally is the only round of Rally Pro Series in Europe (X Rally and Merzouga being the other two rounds). Five days in the beautiful landscape of Serres! 2014 dates are already out!
HighwayDirtBikes (HDB) designs and manufactures pioneering rally equipment with features and materials that have never been used in the rally scene. The unique navigation tower, the only one in the world with a safety feature which allows the tower to collapse if the rider hits it with his chest and the new NexGen™ handguards are products with unparalleled quality and unmatched price. We think that HDB is one of the few companies around that innovate and show the way forward, by always testing and trying new materials, designs and ideas. Aurora Rally Equipment® is proud to co-operate with HighwayDirtBikes.

NT Laserdesigns is a prototyping company, with years of experience in high technology materials and manufacturing methods. We are proud to co-operate with NT Laserdesigns during both the design and the manufacturing phase of our products.

Rally Navigator is a new, simple way to create Rally routes and print roadbooks. Using Google Earth and GPS, you can create, print, and share a Dakar-style roadbook. It is a lot easier to create roadbooks, it is faster and the errors are minimised. By creating our own roadbooks we adjust not only the course, but the length of the ride. Every ride is a new ride !!

Imagination, creativity, innovation

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