Mk 1
Roadbook Holder
•Magnetic Roadbook holder with removable interior. Mk 1
•Spare Scroll Shaft
•Knob ball bearings
•Cartridge  ball bearings
•Outer Shell
•Service Manual
•Cover o-rings
Minimum radius of bend: 7mm
Minimum working temperature:   -20 deg C
Maximum working temperature:  60 deg C
Bend cycles: 2000 times

All aluminum parts are anodized.

All ball bearings use ceramic, Zirconia balls and stainless steel races. All ball bearings use rubber seals.

Motor life: 600 hours
O-ring belts: Guaranteed for life against breakage

Length (excluding knobs): 220mm
Length (including knobs): 240mm

Maximum Height: 110mm
Average Height: 85mm
Minimum Height: 71mm
Width: 135mm
Weight: 1340g
Minimum working temperature: -20 deg C
Maximum working temperature: 60 deg C
Irreversible damage in magnetic transmission: 80deg C
Motor life: 600 Hours
O-ring belts: Guaranteed for life against breakage

•Spare Scroll Shaft case
•Bolt kit
•Rally repair kit
Imagination, creativity, innovation
Mk 1. The roadbook holder that will change the way you navigate!
Paper support so that the rider can write his/her own notes while the cartridge is out of the unit. The special cover has a removable windiw so that rally organisers can take notes while they are creating the route and update on the fly!
Hybrid ball bearings with stainless steel rings and races combined with ceramic, Zirconia balls in all rotational joints. Dual rubber seals ensure that the inner parts remain as clean as possible from debris. Ceramic balls have the ability to run completely dry. You can even open them, wash them and put them back!
Hi speed, hi torque motor. Outstanding reliability of up to 600 continues hours!
Choice of LED color. Choice of three colors   to match ICO, IMO and RNS products so that your eyes feel at home during these difficult night rides!
Rare earth magnetic transmission, guaranteed for life! One of the most reliable types of transmission inside your roadbook holder! Even if the assembly gets damaged or the distance between the pulleys changes, these special magnets guarantee that the torque is transmitted through the air gap. Axial, radial and tangential misalignments are handled exceptionally well. Mechanical brakes ensure that the paper will not rotate unintentionally while riding rough terrain. Therefore no re-adjustments needed while riding!
The largest capacity roadbook holder available today. Racers asked for it, we made it! Enormous capacity of up to 92 pages of A5. To aid riders to choose where to cut the scroll, if it is larger than 92 pages, we even created graphs to check and see where approximately you have to cut it!
Removable scroll shafts with aluminium paper guides. You can carry a spare shaft preloaded with the next scroll and  change shafts in less than a minute. Error free, no more paper jams and misalignment. Aluminium 360 degree paper guides to avoid paper jams.
O-rings guaranteed for life.  The only roadbook holder in the world, that guarantees that these, special o-rings, will never break. And if they do we will replace them free of charge. For life!
Patent pending removable interior. Load and change scroll in a matter of seconds. No more running around the team crew when they are preparing or repairing the bike. You take the interior with you and leave the crew to focus on the bike while you focus on loading the roadbook somewhere else.
High impact strength shell. The shell is made from UV stable thermoplastic and it will spring back to its original shape even after heavy impacts. Combined with the magnetic transmission, which can take axial, radial and tangential misalignments, you have a roadbook that is very unlikely to let you down!
Waterproof. The only roadbook available today which is protected to the highest degree from the elements. No more river dramas thanks to high quality gaskets and seals.
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